Online Gambling and Problem Gambling

Online Gambling

Online Gambling is any form of gambling that is conducted via the internet. This includes online casinos, sports betting, and poker. Online gambling can be found in many countries, with some regulating it and others banning it entirely. It is important to understand your local gambling laws before you gamble online.

The popularity of online gambling exploded in the 1990s when the World Wide Web first became popular, and it offered an end-run around traditional forms of gambling, which are subject to strict government regulation and prohibition. It was possible for a business to set up shop in a friendly offshore jurisdiction and start accepting bets, without fear of state legal challenges or prosecution. This led to a proliferation of sites, and the growth of online poker in particular.

There are concerns that Internet gambling may contribute to problem gambling. Unlike the social environment of traditional casinos, online gambling is often done alone. It can be easy to lose track of money spent and for people with a gambling problem to hide their activities. It can also be easier to place large wagers with credit cards, which can result in significant losses that can impact a person’s finances and relationships.

However, research to date suggests that Internet gambling is not a leading cause of gambling-related problems. This research is based on cross-sectional surveys, which do not allow for causality to be determined. Longitudinal research is needed to explore the relationship between Internet gambling and problems, as well as the role of wider patterns of gambling behaviour and relevant individual factors.